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There are many advantages and some disadvantages to shopping on line. Here they are:

1.    Convenience – Shopping on line means that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or fight the traffic to do your shop. The time saved is enormous.

2.    Selection – The variety of goods available on-line are endless. One is not restricted to what is available off the shelf as is the case in store shopping.

3.    Security – The fear of being ripped off is a major factor putting people off shopping on-line. Provided the on-line store has credit card facilities and has a strong track record, security should not be an issue.

4.    Instant Gratification – Shopping on-line doesn’t offer the opportunity to touch and feel the product and one is not able to walk away with one’s purchase. Provided one knows what one is looking for that should not be a problem. The few days wait is well worth while when the time saved and the price is considered.

5.    Price – The biggest advantage of shopping on-line is the price. On-line stores don’t have the burden of high shop rentals and staff compliments that need to be covered in conventional stores.